Digital Pin RTG Casinos

Digital Pin is a fairly new deposit method, and you will find that it has never been easier to fund your account at RTG Digital Pin casinos. Having used this deposit method fairly extensively, we have found that players have very few complications when it comes to depositing with it. Since Digital Pin is essentially a prepaid card, you will not have too much trouble actually getting involved in the games. You will not experience the same blind anonymity of prepaid cards that are one time use, but you will be able to enjoy a level of security that is much higher than most other deposit methods. We have found that there is no drawback to using Digital Pin, as they even carry some of hte lowest fees of any deposit option available. Throw in the open availability and what you have is one of the best deposit methods to date.

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Bodog Casino - Accepts All Digital Pin Deposits & Provides Unlimited 10% Matching Deposit Bonus

Digital Pin is currently available through Bodog, as they are one of the few casinos to pick up on this deposit option. If you are going to fund your account with Bodog, Digital pin is one of the best choices you can make. By using Digital Pin rather than a credit card you will also have the advantage of not having to fill out a credit card authorization form. This is one of the more preferable deposit options for that reason alone. Bodog offers a 10% unlimited match bonus, which will provide you with a way to circumvent the fees that you will have to deal with through Digital Pin, which are not very high to begin with. Bodog uses the same software as the other RTG casinos, but they have also added to it in order to provide an even better experience. Bodog simply provides their users with a better casino experience than nearly any other.

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Digital Pin For
USA Players

While it is available all over the world, Digital pin is predominantly used by players in the United States. We have found that players in all 50 states have access to the Digital pin deposit method. If you are going to deposit with a prepaid card, we strongly recommend Digital Pin. It is generally cheaper than most other deposit methods, and it can be used to process instant payments. The safety of this option is also enormous, so fraud is essentially impossible.

Digital Pin

Starting off with Digital Pin requires a brief registration process. This takes mere minutes and is the first part of their safety measures. They use extensive identity verification in order to protect their users, which is built into the sign up process. They will request the last four digits of your social security number in order to make sure you are who you say you are. This information is kept totally safe, however, so you will not have to worry about having your information stolen.

Digital Pin

Digital Pin is not exempt from fees, but they are hardly large. When you deposit into Digital Pin, you will be faced with a fee of 5% of the deposit. This fee is fairly small when compared to many others. You will not encounter any other fee when you decide to run with Digital Pin. This deposit method will never hit you with any other fees outside of this, as they want your experience to be as inexpensive as possible. This is better than just about any other deposit method you might see.

RTG Digital Pin

Our focus has long been on the RTG Casinos, and we have determined that the RTG Casinos are those that are most commonly associated with Digital Pin. Digital Pin has been incorporated only into RTG casinos so you will not have to worry about dealing with anything outside of having an enormous set of games, easy bonuses, and a stable piece of software that functions across a number of different versions of Windows and even Macs. The RTG Casinos accepting Digital Pin are definitely worth consideration.